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Meet Tru Kids.

We’re the proud parent of beloved brands.


Established 1948

Geoffrey the Giraffe

Established 1965

Established 1996

Star Brands

Our star brands are globally-recognized household names.

Star Brand


The Champions of Play

Toys“R”Us is a star brand in the Tru Kids family. For over 70 years, Toys“R”Us has celebrated the joys of childhood with kids of all ages.

Star Brand


Trusted Resource for Families

Babies“R”Us is a star brand in the Tru Kids family. For over 30 years, it has been known for its knowledge of families and keeping baby happy and healthy.

Star Brand

Geoffrey the Giraffe

Our Beloved Mascot

Geoffrey is a star in the Tru Kids family. He’s been a beloved mascot for over 50 years. Adored around the world, he invites kids of all ages to play and have fun